2016 Summer Staff

Hello! I'm Jordan Suhler, I am from Hesston, Kansas but I am currently a freshman at Hutchinson Community College. I am a general studies major there but when I transfer somewhere else I plan on studying ministry. I enjoy listening to music, driving around, hiking, and working on my car. I'm excited about this summer for many reasons, but a big reason would be helping others grow in their faith!







Hi! I'm Paige Richardson! I am originally from Winfield, KS, and I am a freshman at Oklahoma State Univesity (GO POKES!) where I am studying Business Management. I enjoy photography, reading, and talking to know people. My favorite part of camp is talking to and getting to know campers, they’re each so different and wonderful in their own ways. Working at camp is great because you to get to know campers, to work with the wonderful other people that are working at camp, and to be constantly surrounded by the most beautiful nature to be found in Kansas!


Hello my name is Aubrianna Headrick. I live in Norwich, Kansas. I’m going to attend Pittsburg State University in the fall of 2016 with a Major in Secondary Education and a Minor in History/Government. A few of my hobbies of include hanging out with friends, playing with my puppy Oliver, and Traveling the States. What has kept me coming back to camp for 10 years is the relationships and all the wonderful i’ve met over the years. I’m extremely excited to get to meet new people and grow stronger with God. Also my favorite bible verse is Ecclesiastes 3 1-8. 


My name is Olivia Black, and I am a sophomore at Wichita State University studying elementary education. I'm from Derby, KS. At WSU, I am a coxswain for the rowing team. My favorite part of camp is making the video at the end of the week. I keep coming back to camp because I love it too much not to!



Hey, my name is Will Montgomery, and I am from Hutchinson, KS. I am a sophomore the University of Kansas. Currently, I am undecided in my major, but want to go into some kind of ministry. I enjoy running and hanging out with friends. This summer, I am looking forward to reconnecting with past campers as well as meeting new ones. I forward to being to help the campers learn about God's word all the while having a fun week at camp with the camp activities and worshiping Christ. 



My name is Ben Montgomery, I am from Hutchinson Kansas, and I will be a freshmen at Valparaiso University in the fall. I will be studying theology and Christian education in pursuit of a career in full time ministry. I enjoy playing tennis, traveling, and just spending time with friends and family. I have been going to camp since I was ten and I love the campouts and fireside bible studies. I really enjoy working with children, being outside, and being in ministry so Camp Horizon is the perfect place for me. I am thrilled to be working as a counselor this summer and I look forward to high ropes, hiking, rock climbing, and games (just to name a few). But even more than that, I can't wait to spend time at such a a special place with some amazing people and an amazing God.


My name is Henry Weiner, and I am from Sterling, Kansas. I am a math education major at Emporia State University, where I finished my freshman year this spring and will start in the fall as a sophomore. In my spare time, I enjoy reading a good book, playing piano, fishing, riding my bicycle, or just spending time in God's creation. My favorite part of camp are the hikes and opportunities to spend time out in God's creation. I always feel the most at peace and close to God when I am in His creation. I want to work at camp because of the impact I believe I can make upon a camper's life. I still remember the counselors I had at church camp years ago, and if I leave an impact like that upon a camper, the whole summer will be worth it. I am looking forward to camp, and hope to see you there!! 


My name is Evan Shanelec, and I am from Lyons, KS. I am a junior at Kansas State University where I am studying math and physics. I enjoy board games, movies, jigsaw puzzles, and playing trumpet.I am looking forward to being around people that want to grow and learn about God. I really enjoy high ropes and just the scenery around camp. I'd like to work at Horizon this summer because it's one of the places in my life that I've felt closest to Christ. In my experience as a camper, the counselors were a big part in helping me grow in faith, and I'd like to be able to give other campers that experience.

My name is Brent Vancuren, I am from Conway Springs, I went to Conway Springs High School. I attend Southwestern College. I am a sophomore. While at Southwestern I am majoring in Education. I am also running track at Southwestern College. A few of my hobbies are playing ultimate frisbee with my friends and playing video games. I look forward to working with the kids. I want to work at camp because I enjoy working with kids and hope to become a teacher one day.




Hi! My name is Felicia Edison, and I am from Fredonia. I am a junior at Emporia State University where I am studying elementary education. I love reading and playing my guitar. My favorite part of camp is playing in the outdoors all summer. I want to work at camp because I feel God when I'm out there and it holds many good memories.





My name is Morgan Drake. I am from Winfield Kansas. Next year I will be a Freshmen at Fort Hays State University in Hays Kansas. I will be perusing a degree in Tourism and Hotel Management. I am most looking forward getting to meet and interact with kids. I wanted to be a camp counselor to help kids grow closer to God, like how camp brought me closer to God when I was a camper.





Hi! My name is Marieke van Bergeijk. I'm from Hesston High School and I'll graduate in May. A few of my hobbies include reading, playing/listening to music, and hanging out with my friends. My favorite part about camp is getting to know different people. I'm looking forward to this summer because I enjoy being outside and camp horizon is an amazing place.







My name is Abbie and I'm from Newton, KS! I'm a senior in mechanical engineering at Kansas State University, and I'll be graduating this December. I'm so excited for camp this summer, especially for the crafts and getting to meet all the awesome campers! I wanted to work at Camp Horizon this summer because I love helping kids grow closer to Christ and to see them grow in their character. And to have a ton of fun!






My name is Courtney Troyer. I am from Hillsboro Kansas. I am currently a junior at Emporia State University. I am majoring in Elementary Education and minor in gin coaching. Some of my hobbies include reading and hanging out with friends. I am looking forward to working with children this summer, learning new things, and having fun. I want to work at camp, because it made such an impact on my life and helped bring me closer to God. I want to be able to do that for campers. 



Hello y’all! My name is Landon Harvey. I am from Stillwater Oklahoma, and am currently a Sophomore going to Northern Oklahoma College in Tonkawa for Nursing. Some of my hobbies include exploring the outdoors, playing the ukulele, reading books, drawing, crochet, cross stitching, running, working out, archery, table tennis… there’s more, but I would end up taking up too many pages! One of the things that I enjoy most about working at Camp Horizon is introducing my campers to the vast array of random hobbies and interests I have and seeing their eyes light up when they find something that they start to find interest and joy in! Above all of that though, the thing I enjoy most is spreading the word of Christ to each and every camper that I come into contact with. There is nothing more exciting to me than a camper who shows interest in Jesus Christ and wants to talk about him. I am looking forward to seeing all of the returning campers, and meeting the new campers too.


I'm Tyler Kepple I grew up in Halstead KS. I'm a freshmen at Hutchinson Community College and majoring in sports management, I also am a equipment manager for the football team here at Hutchinson Community College. I have attended Camp Horizon since I was in 2nd grade.  I am looking forward to making camp a wonderful experience for the campers so they will come back like I did. I really want kids to see how great God is through his creation and have a stronger faith and understanding who God is if they are confused. I really love camp because it is a home away from home for me and I love the creations that God made, also seeing the kids faces when they come to camp it just warms my heart. I really love spending time with my family.


Brookelyn Brown here!  I've lived in a multitude of places, most recently having lived in Arkanas City, Ks through out high school and now I'm living in Salina, Ks for college.  I am a freshman at Kansas Wesleyan University and am Majoring in Art Therapy with a minor in Theatre.  I love art, theatre, and all things crafty!  Unique fact about me, I play the dulcimer, a four stringed instrument traditionally found in bluegrass/folk music.  Camp is a great place to meet new friends, making lasting memories and taking the next few steps down your faith journey.  I am beyond blessed to have this opportunity to get to know many amazing children of God!