Download a Day Camp Packing List Here:

Day Camp is a camp designed to introduce the young, first-time campers to camp! Day Camp is held on Tuesdays throughout the summer. You're child will have the opportunity to experience many different aspects of camp in one day! There will be lots of silly songs, wagon rides, pool time, hiking & exploring nature, a campfire with s'mores, bible study, the canteen, praise & worship, and so much more. Your little one will experience camp in a way that suites them best. 


Day Camp Information: 

- Tuesdays from 9am - 4pm

- For campers going into 1-3 grade 

- Lunch is included

- Every camper gets a free t-shirt of their choosing out of our canteen

- Check in is at 9 am at the Welcome Center 

- Check out is at 4 pm at the Welcome Center


What to bring: 

- $2 for canteen (snack) 

- Closed toed shoes (tennis shoes)

- Flip Flops for pool & water games

- Swimsuit & Towel

- Bug spray

- Backpack

- Bible

- Waterbottle

- Sunscreen



Is Day Camp more than one day that week?

No, Day Camp is only on Tuesdays duirng our summer camp season. The dates are listed above.

How much money should my camper bring for Canteen?

We would suggest sending $5 with your camper. Most of our items are in that range. If you want to send more money with them that's fine too!

What if my child has special nutrition needs?

We accomadate many different campers. If your camper has special needs of some kind please make note of that on their registration. Our kitchen works very hard at providing nutrional meals for campers with special needs.

Can my camper come to more than one day of camp?

Yes! If your camper enjoyed their time at camp they are more than welcomed to come back for another day. Just know that much of what they will do will be the same throughout the summer.

Can I come to camp with my camper?

Yes! Parents, Gaurdians, or Grandparents are more than welcome to attend camp with their day camper! If you wish to come that day all you need to do is register as an Adult Volunteer.

What if my camper has medicine to take while at camp?

If your camper has to take medication, please send it with them that day. We have an on-site nurse that will take the camper's medicine and then administer it at the appropriate time.