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Church Leaders

Are you a youth director or pastor? A children's pastor? Youth sponser? Church pastor? This page is for you! We want to work alongside you in bringing your children and youth ministries to camp. Our hope is that you will be able to bring students and volunteers from your church all on the same week. We hope that from doing that, the kids will get the opportunity to expereince camp alongside familiar friends as well as new ones. This also allows connections to be made between campers and volunteers that they won't get outside of camp. After they leave, they will be able to take the lessons they learned and the friendships that have been strengthened home with them where they will continue to be challenged to grow as children of God. 

Here are some of our ideas on how you can make this happen within your church community:


  1. Choose a week that you want to dedicate to your church's camp week. You will find information about all the different weeks of camp offerered here
  2. Get the word out at your church! Publicize the week that your church has chosen to come to camp. 
  3. Fundraise and provide scholarships! Your church can offer camper scholarships to help kids and families get to camp. Families can pay the church for camp and then the church can in turn pay camp for all the campers they are bringing. 
  4. Plan and organize transportation to camp. Get a group of volunteers to carpool and bring all the kids out together. 


What to do for families that do not have Internet access 

If you have a family that wants to send their child to camp but does not have internet access, there are a couple options they can use to register for camp.  Keep in mind that our online registration can be done by a smart phone.

1. Call the camp office and we will register them over the phone.

 2. Download this camper information form to give to them, then collect the form into your office and have your church staff register them online.

Please keep in mind that we are unable to accept paper applications in the mail.  If there are any questions about this process, please feel free to contact the camp office. 620-442-5533.

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