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  • From the minute you arrive there, you feel GOD! You don't want to leave! The teaching, the learning, the quiet time with our savior! The wonderful hosts, the kind servers who give us a wonderful breakfast to start the day! The way that someone looks when they come back from time at the CROSS! The peace. And most of all the HEALING of hearts! After attending and helping teach some classes from our Encounter retreat from Vineyard Church, I have seen many changed lives! I've seen my marriage healed from a mess to "forgiveness," and passion for Christ! We will be back in September or so, and I can't wait to see what God does at Horizon Camp! 
  • Thank you to the hosts for providing an environment of love and kindness, and thank you, God, for always showing up at just the right time, YOUR time!
  • I have sooo much to say! My family means more to me than anything. This was a very special reunion and difficult because it was the first one without my grandfather. I didn't know if I could make this a successful gathering and knew that it would be emotionally challenging for us all. I basically put my concerns and fears in God's hands and trusted that He would guide me with the right choices for my family. I can honestly say that Camp Horizon was the answer to my prayers. I needed a place that could accommodate my large family and keep us together. I still can't get over the amazing things that took place for each of us. We had personal healings that can't be described but only witnessed. I want to thank you all for taking such good care of my family and making this a very memorable and touching experience for each of us. I am very certain that we will hold many, many more reunions at your camp! Thank you so, so much!
  • I attended a mindfulness retreat this weekend. The camp facilities is amazing! I can't wait to come back for hiking, biking, camping and more.
  • Our kids are still talking about camp (visited a month ago)! We do not miss anything from home when we have our week. Camp Horizon fills all the holes in our lives & we love it all! The people, the kids, the great staff & unmatched counselors keep us coming back year after year.....We believe in Jesus & he meets us at Camp Horizon
  • My children look forward to their week at Camp Horizon every summer! I too enjoyed the camp as a child and am so thankful it is has continued to grow over the years. What a wonderful place for kids to experience the love of Christ first hand! Thank you to all the staff and volunteers at Camp Horizon for your dedication.


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  • This week my spirit of worship was awakened and renewed. I really felt God’s presence after a while of not feeling it. I learned about how God is calling me, and how to listen to that. God reminded me that no matter how many times I may stray, He will always want me back because I am His beloved daughter. -Senior High
  • I made the decision that I will always love God and I will believe in him. -Elementary Explorers
  • My important decision this week was to follow my call to ministry. I came to camp with doubts of my worthiness to serve God. Through extensive prayer, worship, and blessings, I have realized what God is calling me to do with my life; that is to serve him through youth ministry. This week was my first experience hearing God’s voice. I see him every day, but I have been waiting to hear his voice and feel his touch. During a blessing from Bri Kipp, she prayed over me with stresses and experiences found only in my heart. God is the only one to know my heart. God spoke to me through Bri Kipp this year. -Senior High
  • God packed his stuff and went into my life. -Elementary Explorers
  • I accepted Christ into my heart for a second time, but it was definitely more meaningful this time. I feel like I was more prepared this year and understood the choice I was making better. God moved in me this week through the beauty of his Earth and also through the music during Praise and Worship. He relit my fire and I feel called to fulfill the promise I made completely and wholeheartedly. -Elementary Explorers