Camp Pastor (United Methodist Clergy):

Who better than pastors to be alongside campers making faith-forming decisions!  

Why should I be a Camp Pastor?

If you find yourself questioning whether or not a week at camp is what you want to do, we have ten reasons why we think it will be a week well spent!


  1. Spiritual renewal – Witness the Love of Christ being accepted.
  2. If you come, other church staff, volunteers, parents, young adults, youth and children will come and share in a life changing experience.
  3. Set a record number of steps on your pedometer.
  4. One camper comes free.
  5. Zip line.
  6. You don't have to sleep in a bunk bed. (But you can if you want!)
  7. Kathy's rolls.
  8. It’s no vacation (seriously, we asked the Bishop - don’t use your vacation days).
  9. Helps you connect with your staff and volunteers (assuming they come too).
  10. No meetings all week. 


What should I expect as a Camp Pastor?

  • How involved you want to be in the camp activities is up to you.  Some Camp Pastors choose a cabin, stay with one group of campers all week, and participate in their activities.  Often, Camp Pastors prefer to stay in a private room and float from group to group.  Both are great options!
  • Free Room & Board
  • Free Camp T-shirt

What are my responsibilities?

  • Plan to be on grounds for the entire week (Monday thru Friday)
  • Be available to paid staff, volunteer staff, and the campers for spiritual direction and/or counseling.
  • Be present and available at meal times and participate in as many camp activities as possible.
  • Help lead a closing communion service, and be available for other fitting times of worship and devotion, especially when sacramental leadership may be needed.
  • Advocate for Camp Horizon and help recruit volunteers and campers for your week of camp.
  • Offer insight about camp, campers, and staff to help foster a quality experience as we pursue excellence in making disciples of Jesus Christ at Camp Horizon.