Assistant Counselor
Incoming 12th graders or college freshman
This position is designed for individuals who have gone through out CIT camp, though it is not required. 
You must complete Safe Gatherings training, which is a $30 cost. Contact your church and they may be 
able to help with that cost. As an AC, you have many more opportunities for responsibility and 
leadership, such as leading a bible study or games. You are allowed to work as many weeks as you would 
like. All you have to do is register as an AC and then pick which weeks you would like to come out and 
volunteer. This does not cost you anything, nor do you get paid. You will receive free room and board, as 
well as food and a t-shirt.



How is this different from a CIT?

  • ACs have more responsibility and have opportunities to lead Bible studies and other activities.  ACs can also be lifeguards and help in the praise band.

Can I work multiple weeks?

  • Yes!  All weeks of camp (except Highschool week) are available for ACs.

Does it pay?

  • This is a volunteer position.  It does include room and board and a free t-shirt.

Do I have to apply?

  • No, Just register for the week(s) that you would like to attend and you are all set!