Overnight guests are able to enjoy the camps activities FREE.  

*Archery, Canoeing & Challenge Course have an additional fee and reservations must be made two weeks in advance.

Day guests are welcome, calling ahead is a good idea.  When you arrive you need to check in at the welcome center. 

18-Hole Disc Golf

This up-and-coming sport is now at Horizon! We have an 18-hole course set up around the camp, as well as a variety of long- and short-range discs. It's great fun for all ages!


Mountain Biking

Horizon has one of the best mountain-biking trails in the Midwest.  In fact, you probably won't even believe you are in Kansas! The course loop is about 9 miles long with over 1,000 feet of climbing and 90 percent single track. The remaining 10 percent is primitive double track. There are flat and fast open-throttle sections, as well as wooded trails and rocky, technical track. Rolling rollercoaster-like descents intermingle with short ascents, drops and whoop-de-doos. The energy-sucking climb toward the end of each lap will slow even the strongest rider. Bottom line: You won't be able to wipe the grin off your face.

Our mountain-biking trail is open to the public free of charge, but donations are appreciated.

Take a virtual tour of the trails here  

For more information http://www.mtbproject.com/directory/8011482, http://www.kansascyclist.com/trails/CampHorizon.html, also check out the tour de lizard race!



Hikers who come to Horizon get to enjoy the same awesome trails that our mountain bikers ride.  The nine-mile trail is broken up into smaller sections, so that hikers can select the distance and terrain they are best suited for. Choose from an easier hike in the prairie, or an exciting rocky descent to the river, or a leisurely hike through the forests and hills.  Our trails can't be rivaled for their beauty and varied terrain.


Swimming Pool

During the summer months (roughly late May through August), Horizon's swimming pool is available to our guests. Lifeguards are not provided for our retreat groups without special arrangements.  Groups using the pool are required to have adult supervision when it is in use. Our pool has a shallow end and a deep end.  A variety of pool toys are also available.

The River

The nearby bank of the Arkansas River is a great place to play in the sand, start a campfire, or, for the brave, go swimming!



Trail of Crosses Meditation Walk

Along the ridge of camp are 15 beautiful crosses that have been erected by different groups over the years. Each cross has a different meaning.  Spend time at each cross praying or meditating on scripture and the meaning of the cross. Contact Horizon staff for a resource on the Trail of Crosses Meditation Walk.  



For many, the campfire experience is one of the most powerful and meaningful times at camp. There are lots of campfires to choose from. S’mores and sticks are provided for an additional $2 per person.





With nearby access to some of the most beautiful rivers in Kansas, Horizon offers an ideal location for canoeing. While the camp does not yet have a place on site to launch canoes, we have three canoe racks that each transport six canoes.  There is also the cowley county fishing lake with restrooms and picnic tables only 15 minutes away for those looking for a lake canoeing experience.  There is even a 20' waterfall at the lake!

Horizon has two canoeing options:

1. Horizon staff will transport the canoes, life jackets, and paddles to the chosen launch site, help unload the canoes, and give basic instruction to participants.  

Cost: $10 per person for canoe transport and instruction (ten-person minimum).

2. Group rents canoes, life jackets, and paddles from Horizon; transport of canoes and instruction not provided.  Guests will need a vehicle with a trailer hitch (2" reciever)

Cost: $6 per person per day (no minimum).

Challenge Course (Leadership by Horizon Staff Required)

Horizon's Challenge Course provides an excellent and exciting experiential opportunity. The goal of the course is to develop and strengthen relationships, leadership skills, teamwork, individual awareness, problem-solving and communication skills, and self-esteem in a friendly, Christian atmosphere.

Low Ropes Course Elements   High Ropes Course Elements

Basic Policies: A minimum of 10 participants is required per group in order to ensure the full benefits of the ropes-course experience is attained. 

Due to the nature of the challenge course, and the intensity of the focus and attention required, we recommend that participants have completed the fourth grade. There is no set maximum age limit. Anyone in reasonably good physical condition will be able to complete most of the challenges presented on our course.

Archery (Leadership by Horizon Staff Required)

Campers and visitors have been asking for archery for years and we finally have it! The equipment is maintained by the camp staff, and it is ready to be set up for your group. Cost is $5 per person ($50 minimum).